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Hello, I am a buyer and a user of Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution
Program, from Dr. Robert Anthony, and would like to share my experience in case  you are thinking to buy Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution from Dr. Robert Anthony. 
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But if you are looking for comments from a user of this program please continue reading...
   I bought this program on January, 2013.   As a user I can tell you that I would buy it again.    I have always being on a diet, and breaking it. Every time I started a diet  I broked it by the end of the day.   Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution is not about dieting and exercise.  
It is about stop eating for anxiety or any bad cause, and stop eating harmful food.   It works on the unconscious and  conscious levels of your mind.   
45% off Summer Sale from June 10th to
June 16th only

It takes 7 minutes at mornings and 9 minutes at night.   
It works mainly with auto-hypnosis audios  (mp3).
At the beginning I was doubtfully because I had never practiced  auto-hypnosis at all.  I Though it  could be harmful or something like that.   In the hypnosis audios, there are only statements that are good for  anyone, and there are just good things focused on weight  release.
  I honestly felt  different from the first time I listen the mp3.   Two days after, I had to pay
attention about what I was eating because did not think about eating, and realized that I did not eat bad foods for me.    It makes a big difference in  the way you eat and feel about food.  And best of all  is that you stop worrying about diets, and restrictions.   You start to eat right without even notice.    I think it works alone or even with any plan that you are trying to lose  weight.
Dr. Robert Anthony is a professional and knows what he is doing  and is doing very well.
The program starts with some kind of tests or “quiz” that  prepares you and your mind for next  steps.
 Then you will have a special  hypnosis designed to be practiced just  one time, however you can uses as many times as you  want.
Then you will have to go to some steps that only take you 17  minutes (7 at morning and 10 at  night).

The only not so good issue is that you once you buy the program you have to download each file separately, I mean, if you expected to download just once a Zero Resistance Weight Release zip file, that is not going to be,  There are 15 pdf or video  files that you must download.  (But  a lot of sellers do that.)  If you  want to see a picture about what is on the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution download page (similar to the one you will have access to, once you buy the  program), click here.

 I do recommend Zero Resistance Weight Release.   A lot of people fail to release  weight because have not solved yet some internal eating problems.   That was me too.
If you are still thinking you could grab Dr. Robert Anthony Mini course, its free.  Click here!

There is a thing you should take in consideration, as any program or solution you must take action.  In this case, first hear the instructions mp3, follow step by step in the order recommended by dr. Anthony, (do not skip any step or is not going to work as expected. And of course do your homework twice a day: 7 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes before go to sleep.  You will see results.

One more thing, after you buy there will be an OTO (One Time Offer), I bought it by accident, with my finger on the iphone, I selected by mistake the wrong option an bought it.   It was at US$36 offer price.   It was a GREAT mistake, it was a program called Self Confidence Creator.   I tested and I decided that it was a great deal.  In case you buy Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution, you should decide if you want this program too.  

I want you to know that I am a honest person, also a mother working from home, and an Internet Marketer, and I only review and recommend products or services that I buy or use, and yes I could get a commission if you buy the product through my  link.   Price will be the same  no matter what link you use.   In case you want to buy this system, If you appreciatte my honest comments about this product, or you think my comments as a user have helped on your choice, you could buy it throught my link to official site Buy Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution.

Thaks a lot for taking the time to read my post!


05/15/2013 11:08am

Thank you for your review, thats the information I was looking for.


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